Rest in Peace: Thomas Gad

It is with a heavy heart that I have to write this post, but over Christmas our team had a devastating blow. Thomas Gad – our Branding Director and a great inspiration and mentor to me personally – sadly passed away at the end of last year.

Thomas was one of the great innovators and thinkers of the advertising, marketing and branding industries. Thomas published 3 influential books which have been translated into 11 languages and clearly impacted the direction of the advertising industry. He Founded a leading international think tank, the Medinge Group. He made his name in the industry as the Creative Director of Grey Advertising produced award winning ad campaigns for the likes of Nokia and Virgin. The industry has lost a great man.

I first met Thomas in 2015 when a mutual friend set up an introduction. We arranged to meet for a drink after work at the Lansdowne club in London. From the moment I sat down with Thomas I was hooked, his enthusiasm was virulent. His approach was in stark contrast to what one might expect, he cited anthropology, neurology and anecdote upon anecdote, his theories were irrefutable. Our drink quickly turned into dinner and 4 hours later I was determined to work with him.

He invited me out to his family estate in Sweden, just outside of Stockholm. It was a stunning and tranquil place where I spend a few days and envisaged my ultimate goals for Gas-Sense and it’s evolution. We used techniques he had picked up from high performance sports programs, spiritual mindfulness and some good solid science. We were joined by the delightful Annette, a personal branding specialist and clearly a significant contributor to man of his processes and concepts. I was fortunate enough to visit them several times more and to always have Thomas and Annette at the end of an email or Skype. I have only gratitude for their hospitality and inspiration.

My thoughts are now with Annette and Thomas’ daughters, to have lost such a great man at 65 to cancer is nothing short of a tragedy.

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