Tomorrows Extraordinary: Nikola Tesla’s vision for a world with electricity

You will likely have heard us cite our belief that “Tomorrow’s Extraordinary”, to express our excitement about the products we are creating to allow everyone of our customers to ignore the mundane admin in their lives and be extraordinary! As inspiration for our lines, we wish to pay homage to those individuals who have shaped our world, by embracing our ideals and creating the extraordinary.


Nikola Tesla was a Serbian academic genius. As a young man, Tesla was confronted with a world where electric appliances were first being introduced at great cost, by the hero of the day Thomas Edison, who was creating what would go on to become the General Electric Company. Edison was suffering at his lack of understanding of AC electricity, and as such his DC systems were very expensive, couldn’t transmit electricity long distances. Like a historic James Dyson, Tesla had a vision and spent many years fighting against the established players. The ultimate disruptor, partnering with Westinghouse Electric he rapidly achieved the 100% market share his technology now has and paved the way for all of modern technology.


John Pierpont Morgan (You may have heard of his company?)




The tragedy of the story is that the only real winners here, were the financiers of the city, with J.P Morgan, proving more than happy to take control of Edison’s Company and produce the General Electric Company, that you may be familiar with today!


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